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Hello my name is John Walton or 'Ford Hunter'
My mission, which began in 2010, is to photograph all the fords on mainland England

The mission is simple, to visit and document all the fords on Mainland England! I am not talking about the upland streams found on hiking expeditions but the ones that can be visited in your car, albeit on many occasions this might need to be a 4x4 type or even a trail bike. Bridleways are covered to some extent if they are merit worthy, usually that means they are substantial or particularly "pretty". Inevitably the quality of the photographs are not exactly as I would wish as many have been taken at times of flood, low light and heavy rain. With time I hope to upgrade with improved shots, particularly the more important fords.

I appreciate that there is another ford related website which lists all these fords and one I have contributed to myself. The difference with mine is that it is aimed at the photographic record of the ford rather than it's "drive-through" credentials. All of the fords are also recorded as part of the 'Geograph' Project and you will find me listed there under my nickname, Ford Hunter:

Holme Hale Ford
If you would like to contact me then I'd love to hear from you. I especially welcome any updates on the status of the fords. I have visited all the fords on this website and the photographs are my own personal record. If you would like to use any of the images then see the links to my 'Geograph' Profile where they are available under the Creative Commons Licence.

The fords are listed by their county in the Counties section. A map of their location can be found by drilling down on the location tab against each image which will take you to my entry on the 'Geograph' site. For a guide on how to do this click on the How to Search for a Ford tab below. You can follow my progress by reference to the English County Map, which also itemises the number of "official" 'Wetroads' fords still to be visited; or in detail on my Geograph Ford Map in the links section. To see all the fords still on the list see Fords Still To Visit in the link below. I now have only 16 of the "official" 'Wetroads' list to complete.

English County Map Fording Statistics Fords Still To Visit English Fords Load Sheet A Full List of all Fords Visited

These images may not be representative of 'normal' conditions at the ford so please check for yourself before attempting a crossing.


A ford is a watercourse which runs over the surface of a road.

This website is my attempt to provide a photographic inventory of fords in England. Conditions on any watercourse can change very quickly and these images only represent what we found on the day of our visit. A ford which could be crossed easily one day may become dangerously impassable, possibly minutes later.
Podmore Ford in Norfolk (in flood)
Please investigate for yourself before attempting to cross any ford and if in doubt don't cross and ensure you have a safe route out. Even experienced 'green-laners' have been killed attempting to cross fords in spate or when the watercourse is just too deep for their vehicle. There is plenty of advice on-line from organisations that specialise in green-laning. This website is a photographic site and is, therefore, not one of them. Just such a tragic example from 2010 can be seen at:Lady dies at Low Muffles Ford